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Have you ever believed in something so passionately ... its success was inevitable? Red Hills Capital was formed from such a belief. A belief that integrity, intelligence, and insight could merge into a new model of financial management. Independent. Responsible. Individually-crafted solutions.

Quantitative modelling stands as the backbone of our hallmark portfolio, Red Hills Value. After screening out the over 90% of stocks that don't meet our exacting criteria, additional modelling and analysis lead to just a handful of selections eligible for our portfolio. We typically hold 25-35 individual issues in our equity basket. We are also free to raise our cash exposure as market conditions warrant, giving Red Hills the power to play defense and preserve wealth.

Complimenting our in-house value and growth strategies are customized fixed income portfolios tailored to fit individual income needs and risk tolerance.

These pieces, coupled with indexing, afford an asset allocation built in-house at a reasonable cost. By minimizing the use of outside managers, Red Hills ensures accountability to its valued clients. Responsibility. Integrity. In short, we trust ourselves more than anyone else to handle your hard-earned assets and lifestyle.

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